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    How did you hear about S&S Homes?

    Do you have a current buyer/broker/agency agreement?


    Reason for a new home?

    Second HomeInvestmentDownsizeLarger HomeFamily NeedsRelocationFirst HomeOther

    Does your client need to sell current home before purchase?


    Desired Size of Home?

    Price Range


    When do you plan to move?

    Immediately3-6 Months6-12 MonthsMore than 1 year



    For client registration, the buyer’s agent should keep a copy of client’s registration card. The buyer’s agent named on the earliest-dated registration card, up to 60 days, will be the agent of record. If the buyer has not purchased a home within 60 days of registering, the buyer must be re-registered. Upon acceptance of a contract, the buyer’s agent is to provide a copy of their agency agreement if the buyer disputes the agency relationship. See sales representative for details.

    Commissions are only paid to members of the Washington County Board of Realtors. Commissions are based on the original purchase contract sales price.