The Smith's Home

David W. Smith

“As a most recent home builder who entrusted S & S Homes to design and construct our new home, I wanted to write toyou and your staff to praise every facet of your business and to express our gratitude for the scope of exemplary workin all areas of this project.First, the ability to convert our own designs, ideas and dreams, into a working blueprint model established thefoundation for us to visualize what our beautiful home would look like before construction began. Your willingness totake the time to meet with us to discuss ideas and offer advice that would either save us money or improve the elementsof the home-or both-were truly appreciated.In addition, the quality of the subcontractors whom you, in trust to provide high quality components, were indeedfirst rate. This was complemented by the personal and daily attention that Devin Sullivan, the superintendentoverseeing the house and its construction, provided. Devin’s personal attention gave my wife and I confidence andpeace of mind knowing our house was in the best possible hands throughout every phase of construction. Honestly, wefelt as if he were building the house for his own family!We saw that the components included in your base price were superior to those of the other builders we had met; dollarfor dollar we got far more home than what we would have received had we chosen a different builder. Having built orpurchased a half dozen homes, we have a keen insight to the degree of quality that different builders bring to the table.Our new home is superior to any home we have purchased or built in the past. Also, being able to follow constructioncompletely through the unique web site you provided allowed us to see details of the home each and every Week.We had many choices to build our house. We are proud to tell our friends and acquaintances that “Yes, it was S & S who built our home.”Please accept our sincere thanks for making this adventure enjoyable and memorable. l must also add that in the fourweeks we have been in our new house, my wife and I have discussed many times how much this house feels socomfortable that it truly feels like “Home” to our entire family.We hope that you will use our names as reliable references for anyone who would like to have a personal reflection onour entire home building experience that we have had with you.”

Robert Albrecht (Copperleaf 16)

“I needed to purchase a new or gently used home in St. George, Utah. I had planned to spend several days exploring to determine which area and which home would be best for me and my family. On the first day I was in St. George I had made appointments with several realtors to look at several homes. When I toured an S & S Home that was under construction on that first day I was so impressed with the quality of the home that I was done looking. Period.

I have been a Math teacher. It was easy for me to divide the price of the home by the number of square feet to determine that the price of the S & S home was actually less than the other homes when comparing the prices of those other homes and their square footage.

I had some ideas for customizing the home, that is I wanted to make some changes in the plan for this home that was under construction. I was able to communicate directly with the builder [Craig]. He understood my ideas and before I knew it he made the adjustments.

I had locked in a reasonable interest rate for my home loan. This lock was limited and was set to expire in a 30 day time period. In order to retain this interest rate, I had to purchase/close on the house before it was completely finished. There were two items outstanding, that is two things that still needed to be completed when I bought the house. S & S builders promised to complete these two things, and they made good on their promise.

During the home buying process, every person I interacted with during the home buying process was friendly, efficient, and prompt in addressing my questions, concerns, and needs. Since purchasing the home, the people at S & S have kept in touch with me to be sure that I am completely satisfied even as months have gone by since I purchased my home. I am completely satisfied.”

The Wright's Home in Paradise Canyon

Lee and Cathy Wright (Paradise Canyon)

Ten years ago, S&S Homes built a home for us in Paradise Canyon. When a choice view lot came available in the fall of 2012, we decided to build our dream home. Based on the positive experience we had with our first S&S home, we decided to meet with Craig Sullivan to go over floor plans and construction details. Craig’s extensive building experience proved very helpful in incorporating our detailed list of requirements and in providing suggestions to improve the final product. We had many questions during this phase, all of which Craig was quick to address.

The construction phase produced our visualized dream home. We attribute this success to Mark Braegger, our construction supervisor, and a team of quality sub-contractors. Mark was outstanding in addressing each of our questions, making any needed changes and in effectively managing the subs and construction schedule. We give Mark an A+ for his contribution and diligence.

We highly recommend S&S Homes for anyone looking to build a quality home that combines excellent value and work product.

Dave and Connie Gibson (Ivins)

“In 2003 our family contracted with S&S Homes to build our new home in Ivins. Recently when we had our fireplace replaced it was discovered we had a sheeting problem in our attic. After notifying S&S about the problem, Mr. James Sullivan came to our home, investigated the problem in our attic, and personally repaired the problem created by one of his sub-contractors.
We want to publicly thank S&S Homes for their integrity and high standards. Taking the time to repair a problem discovered after nine years is well above the normal meaning of customer service. Anyone searching for a reputable building contractor needs to look no further.”