Easy. That’s life at Red Cliffs Park East

Easy on your time

Home is just 5 minutes from the heart of either St. George or Washington, and your front yard is maintained by the homeowner’s association. So you can spend less time on the hassles of life and more time doing the things you love.

Easy on your wallet

With prices starting in the 300’s, we’re making it possible to once again buy a home in St. George for about what it costs to rent. Red Cliffs Park East will have consistent, attractive architecture and landscaping, but, at just $55 per month , homeowners’ dues won’t break the budget.

Easy on your frame of mind

If you like open space and expansive views, you’ll love Red Cliffs Park East. Nearly half the neighborhood will be set aside as open space. Grab a Frisbee and head for the park or explore the giant rock formations on the numerous trails. And, if you want to really stretch your legs, your neighbor to the north is the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve. Located at 2031 E. Colorado Dr.


Contact Lori Johansson, S&S Realty Solutions for more information regarding any one of our award winning homes in Red Cliffs Park and Escalera.