Aug 25, 2016

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Why Live in St. George?

For a home full of adventure, consider relocating to St. George, Utah. This desert paradise in Southern Utah is an ideal location for those who want natural beauty, recreational excitement and a good economy. If this isn’t enough to convince you, here are a few more reasons why you should want to live in St. George:

  1. Beautiful properties
    In St. George you’ll find some truly beautiful homes that are only enhanced by the unique scenery of Southern Utah. With the vast variety of homes the area has to offer, we guarantee you’ll find something that suits your individual taste.
  2. Great educational opportunities
    The state of Utah has a first-rate educational system, and this is no exception in St. George. The city is also close to two college campuses, Southern Utah University and Dixie State University, so if you have children preparing to pursue higher education, they have great local options.
  3. Amazing recreation
    The physical landscape of Utah is a treasure trove for outdoor enthusiasts. In St. George you can participate in some of the best skiing in the country, rock climbing, hiking, mountaineering, fishing, hunting and white water rafting. Many people travel across the country and the world to experience St. George’s recreational fun. If you live in St. George, this world-class destination will be your home all year long.
  4. Excellent economy
    St. George is a major US center for technology, mining and transportation. These industries contribute to the state economy and have made Utah a generally prosperous state. Even during the economic recession, Utah was still rated as one the strongest American economies.
  5. Investment opportunities
    Utah has been one of the nation’s fastest growing states for the last decade, and this incredible growth has stimulated the economy and allowed for good investment opportunities. The increasing tourism industry makes St. George a great vacation investment if you’re considering purchasing a vacation home in lieu of a traditional home.
  6. Retirement options
    The mild climate, investment potential and various amenities make St. George a comfortable place for seniors to settle down for retirement. For further comfort, St. George boasts multiple retirement communities and beautiful neighborhoods that will make your Golden Years truly special.
  7. Gorgeous scenery
    Last, but definitely not least, we have to mention the beautiful, geographically diverse scenery of St. George. This area includes snow-capped mountains, river valleys and deserts full of amazing rock formations. From the red rocks in Zion’s National Park to the Pinewoods Ski Resort, St. George has something for everyone to enjoy.

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