Sep 23, 2016

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The Best Historical Sites in St. George

Are you thinking about moving to St. George, Utah? Not only this city a great place for those who love adventure and warm weather, it’s also an exciting spot for history buffs. From Mormon historic locations to ancient petroglyphs, you can experience a wide breadth of history in St. George. S&S Homes has been based in Southern Utah for generations, so we know a little something about the best historical sites in St. George!

St. George LDS Temple

This temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was the first temple completed by the church after leaving Nauvoo, Illinois upon the death of founder Joseph Smith. The original temple was completed in 1893, but it was completely remodeled in the 1970s and rededicated in 1975 by LDS prophet Spencer W. Kimball. The temple grounds cover one square block of St. George and include a visitor’s center where people may learn more about the Mormon faith. The temple is the number one tourist attraction in St. George.

Santa Clara River Valley Petroglyphs

Along the Santa Clara River there is a location where nearly 1,000 Ancient American petroglyphs can be found. A trail starts near the main highway, near Ivins, Utah, ascends a small hill and follows a ridge line where the petroglyphs may be viewed among rocks.

St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site

The discovery site at Johnson Farm houses exceptionally well-preserved dinosaur tracks, fossil fish and plants, rare dinosaur remains, invertebrates’ traces and important sedimentary structures. Paleontologists describe this site as one of ten best dinosaur track sites in the world and one of the most important discoveries in early Jurassic paleontological history. You can view several accurate dinosaur reproductions such as Dilophosaurus, Scelidosaurus and Megapnosaurus here.

Brigham Young Winter Home

The second Mormon prophet Brigham Young spent the winters of his last four years in St. George, drawn to the temperate winter climate for health concerns. There are guided tours of this historical home, offered every day and around 75,000 people visit the house annually.

Jacob Hamblin Historic Home

Jacob Hamblin was an early Mormon explorer who was sent to explore the Santa Clara River region by Brigham Young. Hamblin was said to be a great ally to the Native Americans of the region and gained their trust. The home is located at the western end of Santa Clara, just west of St. George, but it was originally built closer to the river before it was washed away. When you visit the home you can see historic furniture and other items from the pioneer era.

Historic Opera House

The St. George Opera House was originally a wine cellar, as grape production was a crucial source of secondary income for Mormon settlers. As wine demand diminished due to the pressure from the LDS church, the cellar was sold to the Social Hall Company and it was converted into an opera house. Production ran throughout The Great Depression and the building still functions as an opera house today.

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