Nov 7, 2016

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S&S Homes of St. George, Utah offers a huge list of different floor plans ranging in square footage, features and locations. Whatever size your family is or whatever their needs, our experts have the experience and knowledge to provide the right floor plan for you and your family. We have a few tips to help you narrow down your options when presented with so many choices.

What’s Best for Your Family?

A 10,000 square foot home is excessive for most families of four. That said, you want the best for your kids, spouse and future generations of your family. When it comes to selecting the right floor plan it’s best to think into the future. Will you stay in this home after you retire? Will your children inherit the home from you? Think of how much space you, your spouse and children need individually and work accordingly. Too much room makes cleaning difficult and may invite clutter, not enough room is a recipe for family squabbles.

What’s Your Style?

Is your family full of bookworms who value their privacy or do you need wide open spaces to host parties? When choosing a floor plan, think of how your family and current furniture may occupy the space. Wide open floor plans are great for entertaining and bring a modern feel to any home, while smaller rooms are much more inviting to those who value some quiet, alone time.

Where’s Your Neighborhood?

From renting your first home to building a brand new space, location has always been crucial. Luckily, St. George is home to great schools from kindergarten to college, golf courses, restaurants, beautiful scenery and only a short distance from Las Vegas. Each of the planned neighborhoods from S&S Homes are safe and close to plenty of amenities.

What are the Pros and Cons?

There’s no such thing as a perfect floor plan, so it’s best to weigh the downfalls with the benefits when viewing floor plans. For example, lots of natural light through a huge south facing window can be great, but it may drain your energy expenses. This means it’s best to come into the floor plan meeting with a lists of what you want and don’t want in your new home.

What’s Your Flow?

It’s easy to be drawn to fancy finishes, plush carpet and other fixtures, but it’s best to think about the flow of the home. When touring different floor plans, think of how easily you can move from room to room. Sometimes an extra room or wall can completely block easy access to an important space or make it awkward to move in furniture. Remember, your floor plan is permanent but the fixtures can be replaced.

Who’s Your Agent?

While the internet is full of information about real estate, building homes and floor plans, the best advice comes face to face. The realtors of S&S know our floor plans inside and out. An expert realtor can give you the inside scoop on general energy costs, mortgage payments, proximity to local attractions and resources like stores, churches, schools and more.

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