Jun 26, 2017

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Homes- Choosing Between Custom and Production Home building

One of the main issues to address when planning a new home is whether you should work with a custom or production home builder according to the ideal option for you. Both builders are worthwhile options and can deliver the home you want. The decision will be based on ho involved you plan to be in the design during the process of constructing your home.

Higher volume or production home builders usually build homes that are based on selections of floor plans with limited personalization options. Custom home builders often create unique homes with a wide range of choices for designs that are built in one area.

Overview of Production and Custom Homes

  • Production builders provide selections of house plans that homeowners can choose from, enable buyers to choose a design or style from an array of products and build homes with price ranges that accommodate first-time buyers, upgrades and luxury purchases.
  • Custom homes are built without a menu of choices or pre-defined options that buyers can choose from. You have the option of building the home on your land or land you buy. You can provide floor plans or have a number of floor plans drawn for you. Custom homes allow buyers to work with companies that handle the design and construction process or hire separate builders and architects.
  • With a custom home you will be actively involved and have a chance to make several decisions during the process. You are at liberty to choose products from different categories in accordance with your budget instead of picking from set choices.

Aspects of Production Homes

An important aspect of production homes is purchasing suitable types of land. The access that production builders have to large communities makes it possible to implement an efficient construction process. Buying large quantities of building materials helps to cut down on costs by ordering materials for several homes at once and at significantly reduced prices.

  • Community developers work with builders to create a visually appealing variation of homes. Along with mixing floor plans from different builders, individual floor plans make it possible to vary the appearances of every home. One floor plan can be used to build a variety of looks.
  • Buyers who opt to work with production builders can expect to begin the process by choosing a lot and floor plan from the plans that the builder offers. This is followed by choosing an elevation and the possible option of specifying how you want to use an extra or bonus room.
  • Buyers and builders work together to select design options, styles, finishes, colors and any other important products for your home like appliances and flooring. If you choose a production builder, you will not be able to adjust the fundamental structure or room layouts.

Custom Home Considerations

The price of a custom home depends on various factors such as size, how intricate the design is, building materials and land. Custom homes are usually associated with costly and large homes but the reality is that the sizes of these types of homes range from simple styles to intricate floor plans that are based on lifestyles and specified housing needs.

  • After choosing custom copperleaf Utah home builders, you can provide a floor plan of your own or work with architects to design the home. Buyers of custom homes can determine a majority of their home’s details and working closely with builders makes it possible to design floor plans that will work well with existing landscapes and enable you to enjoy scenic views from your windows.
  • The choices for custom homes are virtually limitless. Aside from your budget, building codes and zones, your options are unlimited. If the thought of creating a home from scratch excites you, custom homes are worth considering.
  • Working with custom builders successfully starts with a practical budget that you can stick to. Although you may be attracted to a beautiful and expensive option, you need to ensure that your building plans are within your set budget.
  • Custom homes are truly personalized and more time is spent on the design and construction. Knowing what goes on at different stages and the choices you may need to make along the way will make the process of a custom home much smoother and lead to the type of home you have always wanted.

Building Methods

One of the key discussions that you need to have with any builder is the building method that will be used for your home as well as the architect that you may hire if you are creating a customized home. Conventional number or stick framing is used to frame many new homes on site.

  • There are various ways to build homes and knowing your options will enable you to decide the best construction method for your home. Discussing the methods that interest you is a critical step that you and the builder need to take.
  • Making the choice to use methods aside from the conventional choice of stick-building such as modular homes means that you should ensure that the builder and contractors have the experience required for that kind of construction. If you hire an architect and choose an alternative building method, make sure all the professionals you work with are experienced in construction.
  • The methods of construction such stick framing, modular homes, light gauge steel and concrete are different but they have something in common. They all need to be handled by experienced homebuilders, architects and contractors. This guarantees that they will be able to deliver an energy-efficient, durable and quality new home that you can enjoy for many years to come.

Stages of Home Construction

The crucial stages of constructing a new home include the buyer signing a purchase agreement, which indicates the sale of a new home. Building and zoning permits are granted within a specified period of time after the purchase agreement is signed.

A new home is generally regarded as the moment when builders break ground after permits are granted. Constructing a new house typically takes less than a year. The completion of a home construction project is usually a number of months ranging from nine to twelve from when the buyer signs a purchase agreement.

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