May 1, 2017

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Evaluating Home Builders – The Way to Identify The Right Builder

Being prepared well in advance goes a long way when getting your dream house built. Does it sound like a cliché? Well, it might seem so if you assume that it pertains to financial preparedness only. The kind of preparation that we are talking about is far away from budgets and plans. Even when just toying with the idea of building your first home, you should start researching to select a builder that will be right for you. Remember, it is your shot to build the house that you have always wanted, and this is where you would flourish, develop relationships, create endearing family bonds and nurture your children. Therefore, entrusting the project to the right builder is the biggest challenge that you face.

Builders are partners

You must have a philosophy about your future home, and you need to share it with the professional that will give shape to your ideas. You need to make him understand and incorporate your style and taste in the design and floor plan so that your house can truly reflect who you are. Moreover, you have a budget that the builder has to abide by and respect. The architect should become your partner and not a mere paid professional. He should be empathetic towards you and be able to step into your shoes to visualize the project the way you see it. Only when there is perfect harmony between you and the builder, you can be confident of realizing your dream to perfection. Get ready to interview builders to ascertain who would be the right choice for you. Let us discuss how you can get started.

Familiarity with similar projects

Although each home is unique in design and construction, experts usually categorize each project under some broad heads. Understand the category of the home building project that you are undertaking and check with the professionals about how experienced they are in building such houses. Instead of depending on verbal claims of familiarity, ask for their portfolio to be sure about their expertise in handling similar projects. Next, inquire about the scope and cost of the projects they have handled, and ask them to share some experiences related to the challenges that they had faced. Gathering as much information as possible will point towards the capabilities of the builder, and you can gauge how suitable they would be for you.

Try to measure their level of confidence

Builders such as S&S Homes are known for constructing gorgeous Estrella Utah homes, and you can take them at face value as they have illustrative examples of what they have done. However, some builders need to be evaluated to find out how confident they are in their work. Ask them to explain the standard workflow process that they follow during the construction of homes. Usually, the workflow is the SOP, which most of the reputable builders adhere to. If you find that the builder is able to explain the sequence with confidence, surely it is the mark of reliability. You get a feel of how things are likely to take shape if you choose that particular professional for the work.

Check the numerical abilities of the builder

Now comes the tricky part of the interview when you want to understand how the construction company would determine the cost of the project. This is a critical parameter in judging builders, and it makes the difference between the good ones and the average. You have a budget and a desire of building a dream home. It is the task of the builder to crunch numbers and tell you how much of your dream they can convert into reality. Construction companies are expected to reveal their methods of determining costs, and it helps you to identify the factors that might stretch your budget. You come to realize how grounded your ideas are and what changes you need to make to have all the desired elements despite sticking to the budget. If the builder does not have a stable procedure for determining costs, better look elsewhere.

Evaluate the level of supervision

Proper supervision holds the key to successful construction. It is necessary not only to guide the workers in the right direction and to complete the project on time, but it is also critical for maintaining the integrity of construction. Inquire about whether there will be a supervisor to oversee the progress and day to day work done by the workers. Also, know about the supervisor’s background and experience before signing the contract.  They will be your first point of contact during the construction work, and they will have to liaise with you and the builder. Insist on carrying on with the same supervisor throughout the project as the understanding that you develop with him/her aids the progress of work.

Check details of subcontractors

Any reputed builder will hire contractors and subcontractors to carry out the work. Since these agencies or individuals would do the actual work under the overall guidance of the architect, you need to check the background of the contractors and subcontractors. You need to check how long they have known the builder, how many projects they have handled and what their reputation is. Knowing about other building companies that the contractors and subcontractors have worked for would indicate their status that reflects their reputation.

Assess how transparent the builder is in dealing with clients

Ask the company about how they handle instances when cost discrepancies occur. If they are willing to share every detail related to the cost of the project, then it is a sign of transparent dealing. You will be informed in advance about the state of the project finances so that you can be ready for meeting exigencies that are likely to arise.

Lastly, ask for the list of clients of similar projects that the builder should be willing to share with you. Check with them to know about their experience of working with the construction company. It will help you to judge the answers and arrive at a conclusion.

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