May 4, 2017

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Custom Home Building – What You Should Know!

For those who are planning for a new home, the choice is between move-in ready and custom homes. What you like would depend on your budget and the time that you are willing to give for acquiring the new home. Besides, your personal taste, style, and liking will also influence the decision. A move-in ready home may not match your expectations, especially if you are of the type that is inclined to be attracted to unique things. Homes that are ready made are ideal for those who are willing to make a lot of compromises. It does not mean that you have to compromise on the quality, but you have to be ready to accept many things that may not be up to your expectations. Since building a house is a once in a lifetime affair, for many people, making compromises might not always be possible.

Making a choice

If you have the time and money, you are better placed to look for custom homes that can be built by reputed realtors. The home can indeed turn out to be the one that you have always dreamed about. Looking for a peaceful neighborhood may drive you to Sycamore Utah homes, which is the most upcoming destination for realtors.  St. George in Sycamore is drawing the attention of home builders due to its peaceful environment as there are no commercial buildings in sight. It is an area for residential purposes only that can be your home some day. Having gone through the process of finalizing the place of your choice the next thing that you would be looking for is a reliable realtor.

Go to a reliable realtor

You might feel drawn to S&S Homes, the builder that has earned a name in constructing quality homes that are also beautiful. This family owned company has built hundreds of homes in Southern Utah, and it could now be your turn to become a beneficiary of their engineering and aesthetic excellence. However, you might still want to know, how much time it would take for them to make the custom home ready for you? This is a very pertinent question but does not have any simple answer.  Read on to know more about the time it might take for you to step into your new home.

The standard time frame

Considering that the time frame for building custom homes is also the time it takes to move into the new house, working with seven to nine months in mind is an acceptable norm. However, the actual time would depend on the location of the construction site because several location-specific factors can increase the time. Some of these factors are uncontrollable and therefore, adding some cushion to the standard time frame would be a wise thing to do.  Remaining flexible to time would help constitute the time it would take to complete construction.

The lot luck

You need some luck to find the lot that needs minimum landscaping and upgrading. In other words, the land should be ready for construction. If workers find boulders under the topsoil or if they discover caverns underneath, it would entail additional time for making the ground suitable to start development work. Calculate the construction time only after you are sure of starting construction.

Obtaining permission to build

Assuming that you have the land ready, you have to seek permission from the local bodies for constructing a home on it. Although there is no fixed time limit for obtaining permission that can vary from place to place and also differs between states, the realtor you engage can tell about the trend. Based on their experience, you can put a number in your control chart to monitor the progress. However, you have no control over it, and you should be prepared to bear with delays.

The home aesthetics decides the time of construction

How your home would look and how sophisticated the design is would impact the time it takes to complete the home.  If there are complex design elements involved in your dream home, construction will take longer time. Everything starting from your choice of the floor plan to the specifications of items that the professionals will use, everything can affect the time that it will take to build the house. If some amenities or building material has longer lead time for procurement, it will extend the time for completion. Discuss with the realtor in details with attention to every item that is used for construction to work out the time it would take for getting into your new home.

The right time to start construction

The development activities are at its height during the period between spring and fall as the time is most favorable for construction work. This means that the demand for laborers is at its peak during this phase and uninterrupted availability of workforce can become a problem. Talk to your realtor to find out that they are adequately covered for exigencies so that the work does not suffer. Usually, reputed and experienced real estate agents are well equipped to avoid the problems of labor shortages and can carry on with the work without any hindrance.

Factor the weather

Rainy seasons and humid climatic conditions can hamper the progress of construction.  If the construction has to go through inclement weather even if it occurs at intervals, there will be a delay in construction. Therefore, considering the weather trends of the place is important when working out the construction timelines so that you can easily factor into the expected delays.

Avoid changes at a later stage

For completing the building on time, you need to stop the tendency to make changes once the construction is in progress.  Avoid making changes at a later stage that affect the construction work. Though such afterthought might make you happy about getting what you wanted, it will surely stretch the time of completion.

Work in close collaboration with the realtor and have the patience to bear with unexpected delays, so that there is perfect working chemistry between the stakeholders that is essential for satisfactory completion of the project.

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