Jan 28, 2016

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The weather outside is still a bit chilly as we get to the back-end of the winter months, so what should you do with your Friday night?  Go eat some delicious sushi of course!  At S&S Homes we know that St. George has some of the best cuisine in Utah and who doesn’t like sushi?  Here are the best sushi restaurants around that you have to try!

Sakura Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi


With a rating on Yelp of 4 ½ stars out of 5, if you want the best sushi in St. George, there is no where else to go but Sakura.  Start out with some pot stickers or shumai as appetizers but don’t get filled up because the sushi is going to blow you away.  Along with the classic rolls like the California and Las Vegas, their Sashimi Sushi will not disappoint.  The prices are reasonable for the divine flavor that you will experience here at Sakura.        

Benja’s Thai and Sushi


Benja’s has two different locations, one next to the Red Cliffs Mall and the other on St. George Boulevard.  Either one will make your weekend or any night, one to remember.  They have an all-you-can-eat sushi option or you can buy the rolls a la carte.  Something interesting that they offer is a sushi salad that you can get on the side.  Salads come with crab, baby squid, shrimp or octopus with a ponzu sauce.       

Ninja Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi


The ambiance of Ninja Steakhouse will make you feel like you are actually in downtown Tokyo.  With their master chefs and enticing sushi, there is a lot to love.  The Spiderman roll, with soft shell crab & crab meat topped with unagi & crunchies, is a must-have.  If your significant other or friends do not appreciate sushi like you, they have a great steakhouse menu with lot of other tasty options like Chicken Teriyaki or Filet Mignon.  
Wherever you choose to go, you know it’s going to be a great night because you are here in the beautiful city of St. George.

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