Oct 29, 2014

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St. George Pizza

One more reason to live in St. George

As new homes in St. George continue to be built and the city keeps growing, more and more restaurants continue to pop up around town. With more restaurants comes more choices for you to make. We want you to and make those choices count so today we are presenting you with a list of the best places in St. George to grab a slice of pizza. As always we understand that personal preferences differ but generally speaking these are the local places we feel put the best pie together!

#1 Riggatti’s

Average Online Rating 4.5 Stars
What people are saying- “All round excellent pizza. Good crispy-on-the-outside-soft-on-inside crust.” “ I had heard for a long time how good it was here and it didn’t disappoint.”

Riggatti’s is a classic hand tossed wood-fired pizza joint. If you are looking for pizza made from fresh ingredient and baked to perfection every time then this is the place for you! From the crust to the sauce and all the ingredients on top you are going to love this one of a kind St. George Pizza. Make sure to check out the specials at riggattis.com

#2 Roy’s Pizza and Pasta

Average Online Rating 4 Stars
What people are saying- “The pizza tasted great, and the service was friendly and fast!” “Roy’s has awesome pizza, cheese is always cooked till just a little brown, sauce is killer, and the staff are super cool.”

Roy’s has established itself as a part of St. George by serving up delicious pizza for many years. By using locally grown and produced food, Roy’s makes some killer pizzas! If you haven’t had a chance to pick up some pizza from this place swing on by and judge it for yourself.

#3 Home Slice

Average Online Rating 3.8 Stars
What people are saying- “The sauce was delicate, not overwhelming, sweet and salty, aromatic tomato, hard to describe.” “ every time the pizza is delicious. The chicken bacon ranch is really good, and the pepperoni is good as well.”

Home Slice Pizza is serving up delicious pizza at an affordable price. Home Slice offers some non traditional pizzas that will have you back ordering more. The most expensive pizza on the menu at Home Slice is 15.49 making this a place that you can afford to take your whole family out to!

Along with new homes in St. George Utah comes new places to eat. We hope you give these three places a shot and decide for yourself if they deserve the title of the best places to pick up a slice of pizza in St. George!

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