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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Home a Smart Home

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In today’s day and age, technology is king.  No one wants to be left behind but sometimes it can get expensive.  The new, big thing is a Smart Home.  Here are 5 easy ways that you can make your own Smart Home on a budget.  

1. HiFi Stereo Systems

Who doesn’t like to rock out to their favorite playlist?  What if I told you that you could have that playlist blast throughout your home with crystal-clear sound?  You can buy

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Happy Easter from S&S Homes!

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Here at S&S Homes in St. George, we want to wish you and all your loved ones a very happy Easter! We hope you have a great day full of food, family, friends and fun. Here are some creative ideas from Country Living to make your home festive with Easter Eggs. Have fun!

Hatching Hard Boiled Eggs


Easter Egg Bunnies

Moss-Covered Easter Eggs

Egg Flower Vase

Confetti Eggs


Ombre Easter Eggs

Silk-Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Pinata

Elegant Eggs

Exquisite Easter Eggs

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Spring Cleaning Tips

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It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year, SPRING CLEANING!  Ok, unless you love cleaning your home, spring cleaning might seem daunting and downright terrible.  Check out these 19 Quick and Easy cleaning tips from Woman’s Day to make cleaning a whole lot easier.



Circle your way around:  Start at the right of the stove and go clockwise while you soak drip pans and knobs in warm water.

Sanitize the Sink:  Clean with soap and water then spray with vinegar and

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Why a S&S Home Might not be Right for You

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Because who wants to have the most beautiful home on the block?  S&S homes are way too stunning.  

Because every time you enter your new home, it will take your breath away.  Who would want to deal with that every day?  

Because what would you do with all that room in your own personalized kitchen?

Kitchens should be super dull and bland from what I have heard.

Because who wants to have spectacular views while eating dinner with your family?

Because all the

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