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Preparing Your Home for Sale

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Keys to Success

When you prepare your home for sale, you need to remember one key fact: You do not sell your home based on how you lived in it. Simply put, you have to think like the buyer instead of the person who once occupied the home. The parts of the home that attracted you may not attract another buyer. You have to look at your home with a different set of eyes; the eyes of the potential buyer.


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Finding a Good Realtor

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The Right Person for the Job

The realtor holds the key to selling your house. That fact alone should motivate you to find the best and most trustworthy realtor that you can. The realtor that you choose to sell your home is a representative of yourself. When you hire a realtor, you want to have confidence in that person.

Asking Around

A great realtor generally has a good reputation. When you tell your family, friends, or co-workers that you are putting your

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