Jul 25, 2017

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Sycamore Homes Are Helping Nature And Spreading Happiness

The Sycamore Homes in St George is located right off Little Valley Drive. They have their gardens, lawns, and yards. There are parks, pickle ball courts and baseball courts nearby. These make the ideal of the new home for expanding families and established families. We have made sure that you can enjoy refreshing sleep far away from the hustle bustle of busy roads. Being on the outskirts has its fun. You will be living in the lap of nature and enjoy the fresh air restoring your youthful energy.

Owning a home at Sycamore is the best way to give back to nature. These energy efficient homes from the Sycamore Utah home builders use Low E windows. Almost all windows, be it glass or fiberglass emit a lot of heat radiation during the day. Their form depends on the temperature of the day. All our Sycamore Homes use energy efficient materials for windows. This reduces the emittance of the windows and increases the insulating power.

The science behind the magic

All standard window glass has an average emittance of 0.84. They emit in the longwave spectrum. This means, it absorbs about 84% of the energy striking the glass from the outside, and it reflects only about 16%. On the other hand, our Low E windows emit only 4% of the energy. They have emittance as low as 0.04. They reflect about 96% of the infrared radiations incident on the windows. Our windows use a special Low E coating that makes them highly energy efficient and insulation friendly.

Aesthetics is still a priority

Do not be mistaken by the “sciencey” nature of these windows. You can pick from different styles, patterns, and tints, and remain eco-friendly. Many suave offices, hotels, and resorts are now using low E coated windows. Since they are both eco-friendly and good looking, they add to the aesthetic value of your property. You can use plain glass, ground glass, stained glass or tinted glass for your windows, French windows and sliding doors. The key is the metallic oxide we use to turn them into energy harnessing instruments.

What about the summer?

This is an obvious question we get from our new home buyers. A window that keeps the insides warm during winter is bound to heat up the interiors during summer. However, that is not the case. During the warmer months of May, June, and July, the metallic oxides reflect the heat back. These Low E windows only allow certain wavelength radiations to enter. They selectively let the heat come your home during the winter months. They reflect the lower wavelength heat radiations of summer heat quite easily, keeping the insides well lit but comfortably cool. This is the miracle of spectrally selective Low E metallic oxide coatings that our designers have used in our Sycamore Homes to keep them a trend, cool and energy efficient throughout the year.

Will it affect visibility?

People who get to know about selective spectral emission and admission often become worried about visibility. While buying a new home, natural light is often a huge concern. Your new home should be airy and well lit. It should have plenty of natural light to flood the bedrooms, living rooms and light up your accent furniture pieces. Natural light is a critical element for interior décor.

The new formula of Low E coating does not affect visibility. The performance of the windows remains a 100% even at 84% emittance. These little energy windows will not let harmful UV radiations and infrared radiations enter your home. They will keep your kids safe and at the same time, allow visible light wavelengths to enter your household. You can easily extend the longevity of your household items. At the same time, you can continue doing all work that requires plenty of natural light including needle pointing or writing.

How does it help your home décor?

Mahogany, natural drapery, and rugs have a lifespan. Their lifespan depends on some factors including their exposure to harsh sunlight. The harshness of sunlight varies according to seasons and the time of the day. The sunlight is the cruelest during the summer months, especially July. Choosing a low e window set makes sure that the direct UV and IR cannot reach your furniture, fabric, and fixtures. This will preserve the color of your fixtures, extend the lifespan of the wood and maintain the color on the walls. The dual tone we have used all throughout the house will last longer with the new energy efficient windows.

Always be a winner with Sycamore Homes

Most homeowners in the city have to remain content with the lack of energy efficiency of their household. They lose out almost 25% of their household energy by choosing the window glass and the exterior paints poorly. We have used premium tiles for the roofs, which keeps the indoors cool during the summer creating a much necessary air-gap. The insulation helps the homeowners stay comfortable indoors while it is sweltering outside. Choosing smart exteriors that promote insulation allows homeowners to choose any theme and accent for home décor. Smart energy conservation will also help you save money regarding heating, air conditioning, and insulation efforts.

Union of home décor and energy efficiency

In case you want to marry energy effectiveness and décor, make sure you choose recessed lighting fixtures. This will prevent the loss of heat through fixtures. Almost 73% of your home’s energy will relate to light directly. So make sure that you place your lighting fixtures near corners. The adjacent walls will reflect the light. This will create well-lit nooks. In addition to being energy efficient, this will also help you create a beautiful ambiance. Place your fixtures on statement corner tables or put an art piece under a hanging corner light. Somber colored lighting fixtures work great with our two-toned walls at all times.

It is time to make smarter choices with our smart homes at Sshomes.info. Add the happiness to your family by picking a home that will help you become one with nature.

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