Jun 19, 2017

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Homes and Home Builders- Superior Workmanship for the Home of your Dreams

A new home is much more than a building and good plumbing. It needs to be a place where you can seek refuge after a long day with the assurance that it is both functional and aesthetically appealing. For many potential homeowners, one of the ways to identify how they want their home to look and feel is by being involved in designing it. Home building is a rewarding challenge and proper planning ensures that you get what you expect affordably. Homes are built in different ways but there are a number of consistent steps.

Preparing the Site

Before the crew pours a slab or lays a brick, there is a lot of work that is done. The building site is surveyed to determine the utilities that will be required on a temporary basis, clear away trees or bushes and dig accordingly for the foundation. After pouring the concrete, there will be a period it to cure and not activities will take place at the site during this time. When it has cured, an inspection may be carried out to ensure that foundation components are properly installed.


The crew constructs the house frame on the foundation. The walls, floors and ceilings will begin to take shape, which is typically referred to as the skeleton or shell of the home. When the framing is completed, it is inspected for approval.

Plumbing and Electrical Work

In order for a house to run efficiently, installation of plumbing, electric wiring and HVAC is necessary at an early stage. There will be more inspections when this phase ends to check on the mechanical and plumbing components of the house.


Insulation is vital for consistent and comfortable indoor conditions while improving energy efficiency in the home. Options for insulation include fiberglass and foam. Depending on the type you want, the crew will apply insulation to exterior walls, attics and floors.


At this stage, the construction site is rapidly turning into a home. It constitutes hanging and taping drywall on interior walls as ceilings and new walls get a primer coat and texture. Constructors also begin to install exterior finishes.

Interior Trim and Exterior Installations

The interior part of your home will feature door trim, stair rails, baseboards and molding. Items such as cabinets that you thoughtfully selected are installed as the crew outside installs patios, walkways and driveways. Some builders opt to pour driveways when the project ends while others prefer to pour upon completion of the foundation to prevent the shoes of homeowners from becoming covered in mud when they visit the site of construction.

Flooring Installation and Tiles

Flooring installation begins at this phase along with tile work. Since your property has endured some rough use due to a variety of construction equipment, it can be refined to optimize drainage and prepare for landscaping.

Mechanical Trims and Bathroom Fixtures

Workers will make final arrangements for plumbing, light fixtures, switches and bathroom fixtures such as sinks and toilets. At this point you can really see the end of the project approaching as the site becomes cleaner and carpeting, shower doors and mirrors can be safely installed in Estrella Utah homes.

Final Inspection

Exterior landscaping is completed before the next inspection. This will be the final inspection as the last walkthrough is facilitated after completing the work. When everything is approved by building code officials or inspectors the certificate of occupancy is issued to show that your home is deemed to be safe. If there are any errors or defects, another inspection can be scheduled to make sure that they are fixed before you and your family move in.

Walkthrough with the Builder

Your builder takes you through the home so that you can get familiar with the features and how various components and systems are operated. You will be given guidelines regarding how to maintain your home and an explanation about warranty coverage.

The final walkthrough with your builder is a chance to identify any items that may need to be adjusted or fixed, which is why homeowners need to be observant during this stage. Examine different surfaces such as walls, floors and countertops for damage. Discovering damaged surfaces after you move in will make it hard for you to prove that the builders or movers that you hired caused it.

Significance of Inspections

  • New homes are inspected at different phases during the process of construction. Along with mandated inspections to ensured compliance with building codes, the builder may carry out checks at various stages of the process. The goal is to identify potential problems before completing construction although some issues may not be apparent until a person lives in the home for some time.
  • People can track the construction progress of their homes in a number of ways, including emails and planned visits. Before visiting the construction site unannounced, it is advisable to contact your builder about being present during inspections.
  • Although you are not expected to attend inspections, this can give you a chance to learn about what is going on in your home and how things work. If you are thinking about hiring an inspector for an additional evaluation of your home, let your builder know before construction begins.

Finding Home Builders

  • Building a house can be overwhelming in terms of choosing from the options of reputable and reliable home builders around your area. It is always important to find and hire a company that you can trust and depend on. Making an investment in a new home is a major decision that makes it necessary to find a credible home builder. There is a wide selection of custom home options that can fulfill various building needs.
  • An important suggestion is to research extensively to learn more about the companies that are available for hire. Factors that should be considered include reputation and experience. You can make calls, check references and search for online reviews that will give you an idea of the services that other clients have received.
  • You need to ensure that the company of your choice is duly licensed and certified to build homes. You will be able to prevent a disappointing experience by taking such simple steps to ensure that the company you hire for the task is reputable and can accommodate your home building budget.

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