Jul 25, 2017

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An Actual Home For A Happy Family: Copperleaf Homes At Sienna Hills

Happy families start with a comfortable home. If you are thinking of expanding your family or if you are looking for a new home for your newly expanded family, Copper Leaf at Sienna Hills will be ideal for you. It is a rare opportunity to enjoy a neighborhood that feels excluded, yet is well connected. Copper Leaf home designs are modern, exclusive and innovate. Our architects have kept the necessities and functionalities of a happy home in mind while creating these homes.

You will love our new Copperleaf Homes

The Copperleaf Homes welcome you with a neat façade. The fenced lawn and yard add aesthetic value to your new property. The tiled roofs with low eaves remind passersby of happy homes from mid-20th-century novels. The Low Energy windows are an excellent touch for our environmentally friendly homeowners who want to give something back to nature. The garage door is 8” insulated and completely functional. This blends right in with the modern art deco style exterior. The synthetic stucco finish adds a grunge look in places. To complete the effect we have taken help of our Copperleaf Utah home builders and put in stone accents on the outside. The front lawn landscaping will make you pause and take a second look while you move in.

These homes are spacious and well planned. The master bedroom connects to the master bathroom directly. The bedrooms are in bright pastel tones. We have maintained a simple two-tone paint throughout to create a well-lit ambiance. The minimal finish is complete with smooth finish cupboards and mirrors. The lighting fixtures are eclectic and minimal as well. They uplift the modern feel of our homes.

Why do we fixate on using tiles?

The bathrooms come with tiled floors. We make sure your transition is smooth. The tiled showers, utility rooms, and tub surrounds are ready to use. You can complete unpacking and step into the tub for a relaxing shower. All the plumbing is secret. This gives the bathrooms a neat finish. The tiled floors are easy to clean. We have used 18×18 tile floors throughout to maintain parity.

Using tiled floors gives us distinct advantages

  • They do not soak water.
  • They dry up easily.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.
  • They are quite sturdy. You can replace them if any of them crack.
  • They are pocket-friendly. If you are planning to re-tile the floor, you can do it without redistributing your budget.

The functional yet elegant theme continues up to the utility room. You can store your extra towels, cleaning appliances and the extra shower curtains in this room. This will keep your bathroom floor clean. Having a utility room to stow away your mops and buckets allows you to keep your bathroom mildew-free. You can say goodbye to your fear of mold and moss forever with the elegant tile finishing of our bathrooms and utility rooms.

Forget breaking-in, just start living

Moving into a new home often means installing new sanitary ware. Here, you can walk into a ready to use water closet.You will find a kitchen where you can make a sandwich for your packers and movers while they move furniture into your new living room. All the appliances are stainless steel. This maintains proper hygiene during cooking and cleaning. The countertops are plain granite. It has quite some purposes. It gives the kitchen area a clean and sleek feel. It makes the kitchen top gleam in ambient light and even in natural light. Granite tops are easy to maintain. All you need to do is wipe them once to restore their glistening finish. Even in the kitchen, the plumbing is complete and hidden. The kitchen is complete with cabinets where you can keep your smaller appliances. You will even find room for your appliance pantry in the expansive room.

Why is Copperleaf the best for kids?

It is a stone’s throw away from the community park and the best school in the district. Its exclusive yet readily available nature makes the Copperleaf a coveted property for all family members. The nearby community is ideal for children to play, learn and grow. Each house has its lawn, porch, and yard. This gives the explorative and creative souls all the opportunity they need to expand and experiment with construction. Even the basements have a rough in for a water softener. The insulation is complete. You can find the rough ins for the heater in the basement as well. We have made sure, the plumbing and the electrical lines remain secure.

Adding the final touches

The house is complete with real wood furniture and insulated doors. We have used oil rubbed bronze knobs for all the doors. The front door comes with a secure deadbolt. Interior furniture pieces maintain a consistent tone. We have used Knotty Alder cabinets with bronze knobs as well. We have added ambient lighting and task lighting wherever required. However, you can always add a chandelier here and a lampstand there to make your home feel more homely.

What is our aim at SS Homes?

All Copper leaf Homes have three bedrooms and two bathrooms. These are ideal for families who are looking for a home amidst greener nature, far away from the city roads and the pollution. The fresh air and the bedlam of birds make our Copper leaf Homes at Sienna Hills more precious than any other property in the state. We provide homes that do not need a breaking in. They are ready for use by the new owners. You will not need to adjust the plumbing or the electrical connections. You can just plug in your charger and get working, the moment you step inside one of our homes. We make sure that you do not feel the hassles of changing a home. With Copper leaf Homes, there is no breaking-in period. You will feel as if you have always lived in your new home from the moment you step inside. Grab this rare opportunity to live inside an exclusive “Full House” inspired happy abode. Book a home at http://sshomes.info today!

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