Apr 25, 2017

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A Comprehensive Guide to Hiring an Ideal Custom Home Builder

Buying or building a house is one of the greatest milestones of adult life. If you are thinking of custom-building your house instead of just buying one, you must be prepared to face the challenges that may come your way. Identifying the best home builder to take care of construction is essential to attain the desired success.

The construction work may take six to twelve months to complete. So, it is essential to maintain an honest and trustworthy relationship with the builder to accomplish it successfully.

The role of a custom home builder

Custom home builders may act on behalf of the homeowners and as their advocate during the time of planning and construction of a home. They deal with the team to draw out a realistic budget and also monitor the cost and scope of the work.

Roles and responsibilities of a custom home builder

  • An ideal home builder will get involved in the process of managing subcontractors and vendors during the phase of designing to coordinate the critical building systems.
  • A qualified professional in the field will have in-depth knowledge of different types of building systems, and he will also stay responsible for the subcontractor’s duties of properly executing work as outlined in the design plan.
  • A good builder will be under contract with the homeowner for the construction cost. He will submit the pay request to the bank for approval and provide the lien release waivers for completed work.
  • Once he obtains the building permit, the builder will liaison between the inspectors, government authorities, and the design team to kickstart the construction work.
  • Builders will also stay responsible for obtaining the needed licenses, approvals and occupancy certificate.
  • They will place custom orders, carry out quality checks, and accept building materials and other components before starting work.
  • They will also educate homeowners about the upkeep and maintenance of their house along with other essentials required by the jurisdiction.

Hiring a home builder

It is essential to hire a reputed and reliable home builder to enjoy a hassle-free construction and other associated benefits. So, the next big question is where and how to hire a custom home builder to act on your behalf? The first advice in this regard is that it is good to consult a professional during the early stage of the design process so that you can keep a close track of the cost and administration of the project.

You need to negotiate with the builder to come to an agreement about the compensation. Custom homes are unique, so it is ideal to get the builder and designer to work as a team on the project to leverage the collective experience and ideas of both to ensure better results.

Finding a reliable custom home builder

If you already approached a designer for the plan, the best move is to enquire about a custom designer. Design experts may have an existing association with builders who have insensitive experience in construction projects. You may also consider:

  • Checking with local lenders who may be able to give you some valuable inputs about architects and construction professionals of your region and their track record.
  • Talking to realtors who may also have a first-hand experience with the local builders to give you some referrals.
  • Carrying out an intensive Internet search to find websites of local professionals. You can browse through their services, testimonials, and track records.
  • Asking your family, friends, and colleagues who may also give you some valuable inputs. Even if they fail to suggest the best, they can surely help you to know whom to avoid based on the bad experiences they had in the past.

What to look for while selecting custom home builders?

It is not necessary that the most capable sycamore Utah home builders will have a flashy office building and a million dollar marketing budget. Keep in mind that the right builder for you is the one who has time, interest, financial resources, organization skills, and the desired level of experience to build your home in a timely and expert way. Here are a few attributes that you should look for in the building or construction company.

  1. An updated company portfolio with details of all projects.
  2. Communication and customer care skills.
  3. Organizational capacities and skills.
  4. Previous client references and testimonials.
  5. Effective time management and planning skills.
  6. The ability to understand your ideas descriptions and define the workflow accordingly.

After performing this baseline research, you can short-list maximum three to four builders and communicate with them. Before talking to them, ensure that you are well prepared to talk in-depth about the project. A good builder will ask you several questions. Someone who just listens and comes up with an instant quote without asking a single question may not be the ideal one. Here are some questions you can ask them.

  • “Will you be able to work closely with the designer I choose during the design process to ensure that we are sticking to the budget?”
  • “What methods and modalities will you use to estimate the cost of the project?”
  • “Do you have prior experience in building the type and quality of home I expect?”
  • “Are you directly supervising the construction or if there is a third party coming into the picture?”
  • “Will I be able to communicate to the project manager on a daily basis during construction?”
  • “How will I get the questions and doubts addressed?”
  • “How do you verify the quality and competency of the materials and workers?”
  • “If some changes or unforeseen circumstances lead to additional cost, how will you incorporate it into the budget?”
  • “What is the service and material warranty you provide?”
  • “Do you have a proper license and worker’s insurance as mandated by the local jurisdiction?”

A highly experienced builder will always be willing and happy to answer all your queries. It is also easier for you to infer their level of experience and expertise from the answers you get for specific questions. Once you choose the right builder, you can rest easy knowing that your dream home is not far into the future!

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