Apr 28, 2017

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2017 Home Design Trends and Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Home Builders

Are you planning to build your first home? While it is exciting, it involves a lot of big decisions. It is going to be a significant investment. So, you would want everything to go according to plan. This is also your chance to give shape to your dream home. If you are not sure about exactly what you want, the latest design trends are surely going to help you out. Let’s take a look at the most trending designs and floor plans of this year.

1) Open ceiling

Vaulted spaces may be an exciting way to give more light and openness to the rooms. This design was common in the two-story spaces. However, nowadays open ceiling is incorporated in limited and vertically expansive spaces such as dining areas.

2) Metallic finish

Metal accent doors and cabinets are becoming trendy. The use of metal puts forth a stylistically diverse range of design options. However, to prevent metal from overwhelming the space, you need to place it in smaller doses or set it as a focal point. You can bring balance to the design by contrasting colors and textures.

3) Lighting

You can create a unique statement with proper lighting. This is the latest home design trend, which you can easily implement on your own if you have the correct insight into it. With the use of lighting, you can contrast a particular color, focus a material or draw attention to the overhead space.

4) Greater kitchens

The kitchen is surely one of the most important areas of the house. The fact that hard-working individuals have little time to spend in the kitchen makes it even more crucial to design the space to be more efficient. Better technology, great ambiance, banquettes, islands and integrated offices spaces are the favorite trends now. When designed correctly, the kitchen can be a shared family space to work, hang out and dine.

5) Ensuring sustainability

Greenhousing is a trend that is here to stay! It is much more than just a trend. Rather it is a necessity to make today’s homes environmentally friendly. The green home concept includes reuse of materials, reclaimed wood and incorporating natural lighting, cooling, and heating systems.

6) Home office

With the nature of new-gen jobs, the line between home and work is disappearing fast. This creates the need for a dedicated workspace at home. This workspace needs to be functional, focused and stylish.

7) Geometry

Geometric patterns such as unusual shapes and unexpected angles lend a visual contrast to today’s homes. Home builders may put forth many such ideas for walls, moldings, ceilings, floors, and frames to give a unique finish to the house.

8) Entertainment space

Wireless technology and home entertainment systems have made it an affordable option for the homeowners to have a fully featured entertainment space in the house. You can include screens of various sizes, speakers, and projectors to create a movie theater-like ambiance.

9) Open floor plans

The trendiest thing you can note in new-age homes is the unimpeded flow from one room to another. This lets the family members gather even when they are into different pursuits. Open floor plans and open ceilings are now becoming standard.

10) Old and new

Contemporary and vintage styles mixed with the latest unexpected aesthetic designs are now trending. These may include reclaimed products paired with modern elements like a sleek whitewashed floor.

Choosing a builder – mistakes to avoid

When it comes to your dream home, construction and renovation are not something you can take lightly. There are many reputed builders such as copperleaf Utah home builders for you to approach. It goes without saying that with plenty of options available, it can be hard to make up your mind. When unsure about what you are looking for, you should at least know what you do not want in the home builder!

Here are some common mistakes you must avoid while choosing a builder to enjoy a hassle-free life in your dream home:

  • Failing to get comprehensive quotes

Many people tend to choose builders based on the quotes they provide. However, you should be aware of the components and items detailed in the quote to identify whether it is apt for you. If the builder only provides you with the plan to prepare the quote, it is highly likely that there may be a lot of information missing, which may create potential conflicts later during the construction.

  • Assuming that cheapest is best

It is quite natural to feel drawn to the option that puts the lightest financial burden on you. However, if the builder’s quote seems too good to be true, you better dig deep! The best move is to get multiple quotes from all the builders so that you can easily compare and identify the deficiencies. You need to ensure that the quotes are all-inclusive and that there will not be more than 10% variation in it during the time of construction.

  • Not understanding the technical terms

For most people, the standard construction terms are too hard to comprehend. If you make a move by taking your ignorance for granted, you may get exposed to a higher risk of bearing additional costs later. So, ensure that you understand all the jargons and feel free to clarify all your doubts with the provider to your fullest satisfaction and understanding.

  • Not knowing who exactly is working on your house

In some cases, builders may outsource the work once you approve their quote. Therefore, they will not be working on your house. While some people are okay with that, you may not be! Since you will have to deal with the builders for many months during construction, you should be clear about whom you want to give this responsibility to.

You should take enough time while assessing the builders and the quotes provided by them. The choice of the construction expert is crucial as it would determine whether or not you get to build your dream home within the budget. If you are doubtful about analyzing all these aspects on your own, consider taking the assistance of a reliable and reputed consultant who can help you out in the end-to-end aspects of house construction.

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